Monday, July 14, 2008


I guess I have been inspired/challenged by CJ Green, a great friend, to start blogging about our life. Her exact words were "It's so easy, you just set it up on blogspot." So here I am, about to disclose my greatest triumphs, biggest challenges and worst parenting mistakes to anyone who cares to read. Also, to help my wonderful sister and brother in law keep up with the life that their daughter will be living for the next year. Yes, that's right, we will be parenting my niece Jaime for the next 14 months starting in October. We just didn't think we had a crazy enough life, so we are looking to add anything that might send us over the edge. Oh, and we are homeschooling Jake (and probably Charlotte, since she is allergic to being excluded) for kindergarten, which rounds out the craziness. I feel boldly optimistic that this is not the worst mistake I have ever made. I know this since I can readily think of 3 things that I have done this week that are worse.
Hark, I hear an argument about what channel the tv should be on...Noggin (It's like preschool on TV!) or 298. They are the same thing, Noggin is 298. day has begun. More later.

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