Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's resolution 2010

I decided that this year I would make a resolution. Not the "holy cr**, I really need to lose 20 pounds" resolution, although I do. Making a weight loss resolution is a goal destined for failure, since I am not fully committed to what it takes to lose said 20 pounds. However, if complaining about the aformentioned 20 pounds is what it takes to lose the weight, I would be a lean, mean fighting machine (or a still semi tired all the time mama who wouldn't have to buy new clothes and would somehow miraculously fit into her deliciously fantastic 7 For All Mankind jeans that I paid a frightfully small amount for and manage to make my fanny look like a 20 year old). I have to say though, complaining-not an effective weight loss method. On to the actual resolution...I am committing to documenting our life for the next year. Yep, 365 days of pictures with a reminder of what was happening to make me pick up my little point and shoot Nikon and snap a picture of the wildest circus outside the bigtop. Or of my sweet little angels that never would wreck my house in 25 seconds flat and then smile sweetly and say "you're so pretty, mommy". How can I spank a child/ren that speaks such truths? Hah! So with our further we go.

All of the kids played all New Years day and since I am a wicked, no-fun mommy, I didn't let them stay up until midnight the night before. I made up for it by allowing a nap-free day for the older kids. S crashed on the couch about 6:30 and missed dinner and the movie.

Stupid blog won't let me move pictures around and I'm too stupid to figure it out so I'll just tell you what the top ones are.
1. The annual burning of the tree, which is immediately following the Mother of the house wondering if it would be so terrible if we just burned everything on it instead of taking all of the ornaments off. Alas, there are some really special, irreplaceable trinkets on there that I can't bear to lose. Too bad we don't have an artsy-fartsy, super matchy-matchy tree that has no sentimental value, only matchability value. I resisted the urge to post the picture of S wearing no pants and roasting marshmallows. Not because I am trying to boost his self esteem (bad mama. ref. but because this picture #2 was too fun to resist.

2. S wearing pants. Not just pants though, his sister's (J*) 12 to 18 month girls flare legged jeans. And having a temper tantrum. Because I told him to take off the jeans. He insists they belong to him. And he doesn't want me to take his picture while he is acting like a yettie monster. I will say that they do flatter his figure...

3. Fall pictures with our church friend, the talented Charlie D. She met us at Elachee and took some beautiful shots of the "Family 2009", not to be confused with "Family", since this past year included our niece, J2. See, she's the little blond there on the right, looking nothing like the others and the most like me. I keep asking God for a child that looks like me and that was how he answered my prayer. Unfortunately, despite my suggestions, Sis was not willing to permanently turn her over to bear the Wheeler name. Probably a good thing since I am already ready to kill one 3 year old over potty training.

I know this post is going up late January, but I can assure you that I have kept up with pictures so far. It is just not in me to find the camera, take adorable pictures AND post and blog about said pictures. But that's okay...I will hide a years worth of pictures close to my heart and when I am old and wondering if it was all worth it, I will look at these pictures and remember how much I love my life and how blessed our family was. Well, every year really.

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Anonymous said...

Love it. good job updating. now quit slacking and do it more often. it's not like you have anything else to do! :)
Nice rosemond reference. you crack me up. isn't it great to be the calm boss of the house?
love you!