Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hello...anybody there?

Well, it turns out this is exactly like an online baby book. I joyfully pick it out, intent on recording every event in the newest baby's life, only to write 3 things in it and stow it away for "later". "Later" has not come yet. My mother has recently given me my baby book, which made mention of the fact the I did not get along with other kids and I bit. I need to save those facts about my children only for the embarrassment factor. But I am newly energized to update regularly, only to show my children in their later years that in fact, I do remember things about them and they were important enough to write down...somewhere. J used to call PBJ "peanut butter J", C walked at 9 months (yeah!), S loves, loves, loves hats, J2 eats everything she finds, and J* crawled at 5 months. See, I do love the little monsters! I have also updated the links for sites that I follow only as a reminder to me and pare down the bookmark folder on my computer that grows like pink mold in the shower. So if you don't think they are funny, thats okay, I will just need to know who you are so that I can reevaluate our friendship and what is wrong with you that you don't find this funny>>>>> or this>>>>>
No, I don't know whats wrong with your funnybone, but you should probably see a doctor about it. Now for a little vacation deliciousness:

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