Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How to take a shower with 5 kids

So this morning I was getting myself and the family ready to go to our Tuesday activities. This entails fixing breakfast for 4 kids and dad (8 scrambled eggs, bagels, english muffins and oatmeal for C) and then finding an activity that all kids will do or be entranced by for a total of 15 minutes so that I can jump into the shower, brush my teeth and hope that as I walk out the door, I haven't forgotten a kid, or a leotard, or underpants. As I frantically jump into the shower, starting the 15 minute clock running, J decides that this is the time for a little multitasking (going potty + telling on one of the other kids) . On a side note, our house has 1.5 bathrooms. Yeah. So when there is business to be done, you've got two choices of where it will be conducted. The only time there isn't someone in the bathroom is when I don't have to use it. I have become very gifted in the art of the discreet bathroom break since there is always an emergency that hits just as I touch the door to the bathroom. I'm rushing through my shower when J comes in to use the potty. As he begins talking to me, he keeps pulling the curtin up, and I keep reminding him to leave it down. I finally, after the fifth time of telling him to leave it down (for pete's sake!), I finally said to him, "Jake, I am taking a shower and I don't want you to see me n@ked!". A pause...and he says, "You're naked in there?". HUH??? WHAAAAA?? What kind of showers has this kid been taking all along? I mean, the floors do get really wet when he takes a shower but I thought that was because he soaps his behind and slides down the slope of the tub. Maybe this explains the water, he showers (with clothes) and then gets out and strips them off, and wraps in a towel. Although, this makes me a little angry since I have been washing his clothes all along and could have saved that energy for mopping up water off the floor. Ah well, got to gymnastics on time and in the end, isn't that what counts? And for your viewing pleasure, more vacation delights:

Oh my goodness, could you just eat him up!?

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