Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Countdown Begins! Cue ominous music...

We have 4 weeks now until my sister and brother in law come to visit from the North Pole (Alaska that is, no really!) and bring my darling niece with them. Our family is growing by leaps and bounds this year! I am having the panic you have with the end of the pregnancy...all these things need to be done and we will never finish in time. I made a list today just so I can see how crazy things will be in the next month and then I can mark off what I didn't get done and lament my poor planning since we have known we would be adding my niece since January. My brother in law P. is the best and he puts up with the craziness of our family so well, but I'm really trying to limit the overplanning and the crazy so it is a relaxing visit for he and M. Particularly hard is that M. will be having to say goodbye to her precious J. and do all of her "last things" for a year. I know it will be hard for her to do them and to a lesser extent, hard for me to watch her do them, knowing that she is having to turn her baby over to me to care for and love for a year. Thanks P. and M. for having confidence that we can do this and please don't grade me too harshly when she returns to you with tats and a felony record. Ha. I'm not kidding. It is very difficult to describe the situation to people because it seems so unbelievable, but here goes. One is the Army and the other in the National Guard, the branches don't communicate with each other about deployments. M. was given a choice about a later deployment but they decided this meant less time apart as a family. J. will reside with us for a year and be loved tremendously. C. is looking forward to having a girl to play with and we have already purchased matching clothes as per her request. We are not able to give very much information about what P. and M. do for their missions, but between you and me, they are both kickass helicopter pilots, type to remain unknown. We should not disclose full names, ranks, units, equipment, where stationed, and exact deployment dates or returns, so, sorry for the initials. Remember, loose lips sink ships. I have posted a picture of our sweet "daughter for a year" and a few of our kiddos too.

S. and his "big boy underpants"

J. and C. at Seacrest Beach

No waves at the beach, waiting on the hurricane to hit.

Okay, I am no good at this technology junk, I can't get pictures of J. to load. You'll just have to take my work for it...she is adorable and soon she will be as crazy as our kids.

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