Thursday, October 2, 2008

How bad a mother do they think I am?

In April, Hubby heard someone closing the door of my car after cleaning out several electronics and my wallet at 4am and proceeded to chase down the thief in his car. It was a real live high speed chase through our neighborhood with hubby on the phone with police giving his location so police could arrest the culprits. They were pulled out of the car at police gunpoint and it turns out the fleeing felons were...a mother, her 15 year old son, and his 12 year old brother. Nice, huh? We have been to court on the juvenile matter several times and he seems to really want to correct his mistakes and make some better choices. Since the break in happened, my kids bring it up a couple of times a week, asking about Thomas, wondering where my player and wallet are, can we go see Thomas in jail, etc. Fast forward to this past Sunday. C. was very upset with me on the car ride home from church and was telling me that she isn't my girl anymore. I guess I didn't show enough sadness by giving in to what she wanted, so she informed me of the following: "I don't want to be your girl anymore and I want to go live with Thomas, who stole your wallet and your player!" It made me really think for a minute, how bad a mother does she think I am that living with a felon is more appealing that our wonderful home full of love and no felons? Fortunately, she quickly changed her mind when I pulled over to have her get out of my car (I wasn't really!) and became my girl again. Oh well.

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Deeply Troubled said...

You were probably a home shluer to have a mind like yours!!!!!